Survivalists III: Dangerous Conveyance


A few thoughts on the launch of my first web comic:

Being the objective reader, you are in the very fortunate position of being able to read this comic and laugh (or not laugh) and then move on with your life. However, for me this has been an arduous journey which began about four years ago when a friend's ex-girlfriend stumbled into our table at school and a conversation arose from which made me think "gee, that would make an awfully funny comic strip." Since then, this comic strip has gone through countless revisionings and re-imaginations until it arrived at the product you see posted above.

As the comic was undergoing its process of transformation, I met with a good number of snags and complications - too many to name here, but each of which threatened the final debut of the strip. And each threat made me more and more paranoid about the success of the strip. And then one day a friend of mine told me something which I thought to be very profound. She said: "Gabe, I'm sure you'll get your strip online, and I'm sure that it will fail. In fact, I KNOW it will fail. And that's why you should go for it and draw it anyways!"

I stood rigid and quite flaberghasted. And then it hit me like a 300 pound bag of frozen goat testicles - she was right. Not that the comic was necessarily going to fail, but that there was no fear to be had of failure. I was at a point in my life where I could experiment, try new ideas and new ventures, and if they failed I wouldn't be at a huge loss. If anything, the experience I would gain from attempting such a venture would more than make up for any small monetary set back I may have incurred during the process. And sure enough, here I am at the precipice of a mountain of work, looking blindly into an unknown valley shrouded with thick mists. I don't know what is to be found in the that valley once I slide down, but no thing or person can rob me of the experiences I have gained on the journey to the summit at which I now stand.

Here's to (hopeful) success! Cheers!