Survivalists VI: Necessary Sacrifices


A friend of mine once dared me to eat a single teaspoon full of this stuff called "Potted Meat Food Product" - the payoff was five dollars. Thinking back on it now, that was the most difficult five dollars I ever earned - the goop was disgusting enough to make eating at McDonald's seem like a good idea, and for a week thereafter my tastebuds detected only the taste of styrofoam, no matter what I ate.

I will leave this small bit of wisdom for any and all who may be reading this; any product which must overtly assert its status as food (i.e. anything which cannot be immediately recognized as being food) is simply NOT. Especially if it is only 59 cents per can. Gag.

We're nearing the end of the first story arc! Friday's comic will be the conclusion of the Survivalists Saga, so be sure to tune in!