Ejuhmuhkashun III: Waiting To Exhale


I had some SERIOUS car troubles this weekend. Lots of grinding, gnashing, puffing, and wheezing. Then I got up out of my slump and took my car over to the garage. Thanks to the help of my good ol' Uncle Tommy I was able to have the car towed without charge. Thanks Uncle T!

Unfortunately, the cost to repair the damn hunk of metal was absolutely outrageous, so I'll be wading in debt for a good while. Ah well, I guess we can't ALL have cars that do what they're supposed to do.

The end of this academic quarter is within spitting distance, and my mouth it tragically dry. I'd like to be at the end right now, and looking back on this laughing. I suppose I should do future Gabe a favor and get my work done now so that he doesn't have anything to worry about when the deadlines start rolling in. I'm so nice. Always doing my future selves favors. It's a shame they're never nice enough to repay the favor.