Ejuhmuhkashun V: America's Army


Today's comic is a special tribute to Wayne and his mesomorphic masculine meathead military mates. They're out there, far far away, running big circles in foreign lands and yessir-ing left and right. Good for you fellas! Keep up the great work and remember, we support you, not the president.

Recently, a few friends of mine have tried ever-so-subtly to convert me to their Macintosh ways, citing very specifically that Macintosh computers are "superior" to PCs and that I must abandon my wayward path. Their arguments, of course, are predicated on some understanding of what "superior" really means. And I don't think they do.

Now I have no problem with Macintosh computers. I think that Apple is a fairly decent company, even though I've been fucked by one iPod and am clinging tenaciously to the hope that this second one won't go bottom-up on me. But don't be a stupid zealot and tell me that I'm some kind of unyielding degenerate just because I use a PC. My PC does what I want it to, and it produces visible results which I deem satisfactory. What I see is all that matters as far as computer use is concerned.

If I want my computer to perform task "A," and it does it in a manner which satisfies my needs and/or desires, then yippe and hooray. One system is not superior to another at performing task "A" unless I have a preference for the way it completes that task. It doesn't matter what's happening inside of the computer, since computers are designed to interface with people, and the hardware running a computer has no affect on how I experience it (except to the extent that the hardware affects what I perceive, which is the point I'm making here).

Until I see a Macintosh doing something the way I want better, I will continue to use my PC happily. Just don't try and force your holier-than-thou preferences on me, morons. Not everyone has a spare $2,000 to throw around haphazardly.