Death Comes Knocking I: Knock Knock


My car recently gave out on me. The transaxle and CV boot are completely shot, so I need to work overtime and get another job to save up enough money to pay for the repairs and prepare for my big move at the end of summer. I'll be really pressed for time, so I'm going to have to slow down the comic updates to once a week, just for the time being. Sorry about this everyone, but I don't want to be a deadbeat webartist and miss my promised updates. The schedule will go back up to twice per week like before as soon as I solve this problem. It sucks to be poor.

So in other news, I've been looking at gameplay footage of Advanced Warfighter and Fight Night Round 3, and I've been putting some serious consideration into buying an Xbox 360. The platform looks pretty promising and if I ever chance upon a briefcase filled with sequential unmarked 20's, I will be sure to head down to my nearest electronics retailer to pick one up. Hell, I'll die of starvation if I have to in order to support my gaming habit. $500 is a small price to pay for the finest in video game orgasms.

And if you didn't notice the blatant ironic juxtaposition of the above two paragraphs, then you are CLEARLY too smart for this comic.