Occupational Hazard XI: White Elephants


Sorry about the late update this week. Business around here is hectic as usual, so I fell behind a bit.

So, with that said, this strip concludes the Occupational Hazard story arc. Be sure to tune in for next week's Quickie, and then the next arc will begin.

In recent days I have been looking at my schedule and trying to find the best times to dedicate towards the comic. I can't be certain at the moment, but if I can find time and develop a consistent routine, I may be able to get the update schedule up to two comics per week. I know how it can be to love a comic so much that you want it to update more often. And I would also like to take it as an opportunity to alter the pacing of some of the story lines I have been drafting.

Thank you for again for all of your great feedback. If you have something to say about Soft Reset, feel free to e-mail me. I read and consider every message that I get.

Take care all. See you next week.