Death Comes Knocking III: Morbid Suspicions


Many people experience the horror of robbery, but none of us ever believe that it can happen to us...until we come home one day and find our homes in complete disarray, with shattered windows, clothing strewn about, and empty spaces where our property once was. There are few things as devastating as the feeling that your personal space, your one haven from the outside world, has been compromised, invaded, and tainted by the footsteps of unwelcomed beasts who regard you as nothing more than the things they steal from you. It is a kind of trauma which rips the warmth right out of your chest. My home was one broken into once, and it took a long time for me to ever feel comfortable enough to call it home once again.

Now, two good friends of mine have suffered the same unfortunate fate. Fellow artists and intellectuals, they have lost more than just property. They have lost family possessions and a place to call their sanctuary.

They have recently put up a Paypal donation button on a LJ. I know that donation buttons spring up everywhere on the internet, and that you probably haven't even considered the one here on my own webcomic, but I implore you to join me in assisting them. Those of you who have been buglarized before know the kind of fear and anger it can culture in you, so I needn't tell you what you already know. For those of you who haven't experienced it, know this: when you have nothing at all, it is amazing how much each little bit helps.

Thank you everyone.