Death Comes Knocking IV: Sleeping With the Enemy


No improvement yet on the car situation (or the finiancial situation for that matter), so the schedule will continue at the once-weekly pace for awhile longer. I personally prefer the twice-per-week schedule since I like seeing new website content as much as the next person, but my work and school responsibilities must take precedence for the time being. I'll be sure to to keep you all posted on events as they develop.

I am floored by the amount of traffic this comic has been getting. I'm not the best artist in the world and my Photoshop exposure is only about four months of awkward, druken staggering around the endless menus and tools, but already people from all over the globe have stopped in to see it, and many have been gracious enough to e-mail me with their thoughts.

This project began as a very humble undertaking; a simple pursuit to realize a childhood dream of mine - to draw comics. But thanks to the breadth and efficiency of internet communication it has become so much more. Soft Reset has even been recommended over at UTurn Creative Studios for induction into their exclusive top webcomics membership. I am really flattered. Be sure to head on over there, check out the comics up for vote in the forums, and cast your vote!

Thanks to everyone who supported this project by writing me, encouraging me, or adding this site to their bookmarks. Without attention from viewers, a webcomic is just another png file on a nameless web page. I'd say that I love you all, but it might come off as a bit creepy.

This is already creepy.

Yeah, I'm out of here. flees