Death Comes Knocking VI: Reconciliation


I'm sure that many of you listen to the Penny Arcade podcasts. During one of their more recent posts, Mike Krahulik mentioned that Hawk. uses the uber-licious Wacom Cintiq to draw his webcomic, and that he would absolutely love to see it in action.

Well, sure enough, good ol' Hawk was cool enough to submit the first in what will become a seies of fan videos.

Very awesome of Hawk to respond in such a spifftastic way, and it's admittedly cool to watch an expensive piece of tech in action. Makes an artist envious, you know? I'd certainly like to save up for one. Ahh, if only we didn't need to eat to live.

We're still juggling ideas for the new layout over here, so expect the update sometime in the near future. I won't give an exact date because I'm not sure myself, and I hate to break update promises.

A reader was kind enough to point out that Soft Reset's donation button doesn't link to a verified account, and that they were reluctant to donate for that reason only. That's my lazy ass' fault. I keep forgetting to go to the bank and get my account's routing number so I can verify it with Paypal. Sorry about that everyone. I am really flattered that people have offered to donate, and I will be sure to get that verification problem fixed. But it is a clean account, so there's no need to worry. Thanks everyone, and thanks to the reader who pointed it out.

Well, the clock is chiming, so it's time for me to head off to my second job for the day. Gotta bring home the bacon.