Death Comes Knocking V: Addendum


Someone recently asked me: "if you were to die this very instant, what would you regret not doing?" It was an interesting question, and one which I considered for a good while. It got me thinking about ambition and desire in a personal and also a general sense.

It takes time to answer a question like that, because opportunities open up under the most unusual circumstances. But a lot of people seem to be stuck because they feel burdened by the desires of their family, their friends, and even society as a whole. They feel pressured to meet goals which have been for them by other people. Adhering to the expectations of others is surely the quickest and most efficient way to extinguish any optimism you may have for the future.

You only have one chance, one shot at this mysterious thing we call life. If you're not living your life in the pursuit of the things which make you most happy, then what is the purpose of it all? Jimi Hendrix said: "I'm the one who's got to die when it's time for me to die - so let me live my life the way I want to."

Authoring and illustrating my own comic was something that I knew I wanted to do, even as a boy. And now that I have accomplished getting Soft Reset online, I have never felt more alive. This strip certainly does not represent the extent of my ambition, but it is a small taste of victory for me; and you would be surprised how alluring that flavor is once you have developed an appetite for it.

So what dreams aren't you chasing today, hm?

In other news, Soft Reset will be undergoing some rennovations in the coming weeks as my webmaster and I redesign the site to make it cleaner, easier to use, and more attractive. We'll be expanding the navigation bar to include a fan art page, a more organized archive, and some other tasty tidbits. I warmly accept site suggestions and/or fan art from any users who wish to submit them. Simply contact me at the e-mail address under the contacts link.

That's all for now. Take care everyone.