Occupational Hazard IV: Hitting the Road


Remember how I said I was working hard to get everything in working order? Remember how I said that I was graduating soon and I would be working and perhaps spending some more time working on Soft Reset? Do you you remember, huh? Well, guess what. The shit just hit the fan.

Someone took a manure truck and dumped its contents on one of those giant fans that Hollywood uses to simulate tempests.

And let me tell you, it isn't pleasant.

My car finally bought the farm. The engine needs to be replaced completely. My only option at this point is to spring a few thousand on a new engine (money which I don't have), or sell the car (it's a '93 Civic, so at least the body style is in demand) and use what I make as a miniscule down payment on another one.

Neither option is particularly realistic at this point, but it looks like I'm going to have to sell the car and try to get a new one. Which means I'll be juggling more jobs than I already have. I may have to get a third or a fourth. Walking into the lion's den. And that means less time for everything.

I don't want to stop drawing Soft Reset. I love it to death. It is one of the few things which keeps me sane. But if it gets in the way of survival - well, I'm sure you all can figure it out.

I will update the comic as often as I can. The update schedule won't change for now, and if it turns out that I must put it on hold for awhile, I'll write a blog update saying so, at the very least. For any of you who draw webcomics, I will gladly accept guest strips or filler art to put up in case of an emergency. So that's all for now. Time to find more work.

Bring the lions.