Occupational Hazard III: Faulty Operator


So, 06/06/06 passed entirely without incident. It was just another 24-hour planetary cycle, as would be expected of any other day on Earth. Welcome to reality, morons.

I have a difficult time understanding the psychology of people who take fiction seriously. The Bible, Hubbard's crackpot musings, and other forms of wild, implausible superstition are cancerous lumps in the collective human psyche. The human race has nothing to gain from masses of people who suffer from emotional unheavals every time a book written by ancient men in ancient times portends something absurd - or worse - when the principle's of another group's magic sky wizard conflict with their own and they assume that violence or prejudice is a suitable solution.

We're the middle point between two wildly different levels of developing intelligence. As a friend of mine said it, "we are not quite sentient." And it's pretty clear whose sins we're paying for.

Of course, if you want to believe that a horrible monster made of fire and ash is going to tear a hole in the ground under your feet and bite your cock off, then be my guest. Just don't let your self-righteous uninspired delusions interfere with other people carrying out their lives the way they want to.

The beast is out to get you, motherfuckers. And he ain't from down below.